We cater and provide high-quality custom prototype PCB fabrication for both simple and complex projects with a variety of layer counts, materials, densities, and processes and finishes for testing designs for a wide variety of applications.  Typically, quantities between 1-15 pc are considered prototype quantities.

Pre-Production Run
Following the prototype production, one may wish to proceed with a larger scale in quantity.  However, production of PCB in larger scales is a higher risk and can prove very costly if a mistake is discovered during the production process.  Thus, a pre-production run is highly recommended before volume or mass production.  At this stage, final tooling in preparation for mass production is done wherein boards can also be panelized, rendering an optimized board layout for maximum efficiency with less wastage.

Volume or Mass Production

Our production of PCB can have volumes starting with 200 pc onward.  It is ideal that the design has gone through the stages of prototyping and pre-production run before mass production is endeavoured.